About Us

Powerapps.net is the department of Optimize Performances Ltd., in charge of all apps concerning topics.
It includes building and promoting apps for small and medium businesses and professionals as well.

We believe that the future of the internet, from a consumer point of view, is within apps. Most consumers are searching the web through their mobile phones and downloading relevant apps to avoid performing again the same search.
Every product or service supplier must have a strong presence on the net and as of today, owning a website is not enough.

Owning an app is the best way to enhance the marketing success of every business.
Besides having an advantage over competitors, the app allows a new and efficient way of communication with new and existing customers.
The versatility of our apps includes options like instant push notifications, coupons and loyalty cards, feedback forms, appointment platforms, catalogs, embeds of social media properties into the app, and more.

We not only build apps, we also promote them, uploading them to major platforms like Google Play, App Store and Our Portal Apps Website.
We care about our customers’ success so we also provide them a press release, QR codes for the apps, and more.

Our primary policy is charging fair prices combined with an unbeatable support.

Please feel free to contact us should you need any help concerning our websites.