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This offer could be the right move for you.

Every business needs more customers and better communication with them.
Traditional marketing is presently not enough, and it is imperative to evolve with new technologies.
It is not enough to own a website.
It is not enough to be present in social media properties.
Searches by smartphones are taking over traditional methods.
There are more cell phones owners than desk and laptops owners.
They carry their devices everywhere; they become part of their lives.
And most importantly: cell phones addicts collect apps.

The future of the internet is apps.

It is possible that without an app, in the near future, you won't be seen.
Search engines started to rank mobile responsive websites above traditional ones.
Their new trend is to index and rank apps even higher than mobile responsive websites.
Having an app linked to your website may improve its position in search engines results.
This should be enough for considering owning a matching app for your business.

How the app could benefit your business:

- It can be listed at apps stores, Google Play and Apple Store.
Besides earning prestige over your competitors, both locations cover most of the smartphones devices making the download process an easy task.
- The app will allow you to promote products and services using coupons.
- The same app offers loyalty cards, enhancing interaction with existing customers.
- The technology also improves the regular communication with the push notification function.
Email is becoming obsolete, SMS in not always legal and it is proven that the highest opening messages rate is through apps notification.
- Two functions that allow customers to communicate with you are the "tap to call" and the "tap to email" buttons.
If you manage to respond fast, this feature alone will improve your reputation above your competitors.
- Promoting testimonials is important. The app includes a feedback form. Collecting positive feedback is a valuable asset in the marketing toolbox.
- The app will include pictures and videos, according to your needs. You could introduce a new product or teach how to use it with an explanatory videos.
- Your physical location will be displayed on a map, including navigation directions.
- Having multiple locations is not a problem, the app could be a directory of places of your business branches.
- The app allows you to send push notifications and to promote specific offers within a defined area, whenever you decide to do it, as many times as you want.
- You own your apps and you are also the owner of your listings on Google Play and App Store. We submit the apps exclusively under your name.

Creating an app for your business is an important decision, but that's only the first step.
Having an app is not enough, it needs to be promoted just as your website does.

That's why we include the following bonuses:

1. One press release introducing your new app to the world, with links to it and to your website.
2. Page optimization of your listed apps in Google Play and App Store.
3. QR codes with your logo directing to your listing pages.
4. Listing of your app at our website including syndication of this page to major social media websites.
5. One short sketch video presenting your app and your business.
6. One PowerPoint presentation presenting your app and your business.

You can't afford missing out on our Early Bird prices.

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Despite all of the above listed benefits, we know that an app could not be useful for all types of businesses.
We are committed to your 100% satisfaction and will only sell apps after being convinced that you will get a positive return on your investment.

We will contact you after our evaluation.