Feedback Form Benefits

A Feedback Form is a small yet important tool within the primary marketing app tool. A business is an asset.
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Paying for Customers

Paying for customers is part of running a business.
There are many ways to attract customers, all of them include ...
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Money Printing Machines

Imagine you could print money, owning a Money Printing Machine.
Imagine you could give away your printed money to people ...
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Powerapps.net 2017

2017 is an important year for new marketing strategies. Powerapps.net offers the right tool to implement these new ways of ...
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Apps and Communication

Effective marketing
Marketing is based upon communication between the marketer and his clients. Effective marketing should include the vice-versa option, ...
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Apps for Fashion Stores

Fashion Stores, as other types of stores, have general and specific marketing challenges. Most businesses need to sell more and ...
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Marketing Apps Pricing

Pricing a product or a service is a challenging task. A fair price should be based upon a win-win situation ...
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Are Apps Better than Websites?

Apps are a relatively new marketing tool. The ideal situation would be owning a website and a matching app.
Every ...
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Apps and Speed

The more people consume something, the more valuable it becomes. The primary goal of a business is to have as ...
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Apps and SEO

There is a strong relationship between Apps and SEO. Apps could be a secret weapon to improve ranking positions in ...
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Benefits of Owning an App

Introduction Most business owners understand that they must adopt new ways to promote their businesses. The adoption of evolving technologies ...
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